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02: Hournet

38 km
Vertical drop
1662 m

Discover the Pique Valley

Starting from the Badech Lake "Guinguette" signs will guide you to Antignac on a path along the RD 125. After passing through the tunnel, turn right after the level crossing.
"Le Chemin des Cavaliers" leads you to Cier de Luchon. At km 6 take the rising path on the left towards the hamlet of Montmajou and follow the signs leading to Cier de Luchon, Luret and Cazaux-Layrisse. In the village take the road on the right which goes under the RD 125 towards Baren, then take the right trail towards Gouaux de Luchon. On the way out of the village take the right path which joins the road at the little bridge, and turn right again. In the turn take the Tech forest road that goes up on the left (barrier). In the great curve left, follow the track on the right between the rocks to the village of Artigue (alt. 1224 m). Leaving Artigue (alt. 1224 m), head towards the barns of Saint-Jean by the rising pastoral road. At the fork, turn left (do not go down to the barns). Leave the main trail and follow the signs on the right which, after crossing the stream, lead to Refuge de Cualot (alt. 1400 m). You are on the forest road through the Cigalère Forest. Ride down on the asphalt road until km 15 "Courrau of Culège". In the turn take the path in front that leads you to Burbe. Cross the Portillon Pass Road and go down the trail to the former customs office of Saint-Mamet.  Get back to Luchon via the RD 618.
In the village of Artigue you can take the RD 46 to get back to Luchon.