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11: The Romanesques

30 km
Vertical drop
1612 m

Gate to the Larboust and Oueil valleys - All aspects of MTB

Starting from the Debach Bridge on the RD 618 towards Peyresourde, take the trail on the left (before the 2nd bridge) towards the Barns of Soupères (alt. 900 m). Then turn left onto the paved road. After the drinking trough turn right onto the dirt trail and follow the signs to the Gourron-Soubirous road. Keep going straight (footbridge) to . At the junction take the left trail, pass the gate and get up to the Barns of Labach (alt. 1222 m). Cross through the barns and take the pastoral road that goes up to the Barbourride Fountain. Get off the road (lawn path) towards and at the entrance of the village turn right before the bridge and join the Mill of Cazeaux (alt. 950 m), then the villages of Cazeaux and Castillon de Larboust. Head for the church, before leaving the village turn left and cross the RD 618. Take the right path towards the Mail de La Serre above Saint-Aventin, turn left to get to Benque-Dessous and get the asphalt road towards the old school and the path that leads up to Benque-Dessus. Follow the trail to the right to Maylin and Saint-Paul d'Oueil (alt. 1100 m). Take the RD 51b down to Saccourvielle, follow the opposite path towards the tower of Castel-Blancat down to the village Cazaril-Laspènes (alt. 980 m) that you get thrpugh before taking the path down to Luchon.

Caution: The Castel-Blancat > Cazarilh > Luchon section is used by many hikers.