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12: Deers Valley

17 km
Vertical drop
744 m

The Oueil Valley from top to bottom - Pastoral Road, trails and forests

From the village of Bourg d'Oueil (ski area, alt. 1335 m), towards the village, turn right and cross the bridge, follow the path that leads to the village of Cirès. Get up to the village and the church and follow the path (62) climbing onto the road of Balès (asphalt), turn right. After 500m take the dirt road on the right which goes to Paloumère Lake (alt. 1771m), at the junction turn left towards the Balès Pass (alt. 1775m). At the pass, turn left and go down the asphalt road on 50m, at the junction turn right off the main road, and follow up to the Mont Né Mountain Hut (alt. 1840m). Near the hut, take left, down the technical trail in lawn leading down to Bourg d'Oueil, follow the signs that makes you go around the ski area.

If you want you can take the original route to reach Cirès where a connecting trail takes you to the circuit no 11 in Saint-Paul d'Oueil and down to Luchon.